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Carly Bowden Dip.CBST

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 I have completed my Diploma of Canine Behaviour and Science (Dip. CBST) and have been training dogs for over 5 years now. Continued education is important to me and I attend many dog training courses, annual conferences and I am registered members of APDT, and PPG. I am currently doing a certificate in Nose Work and my Force Free Pets certification. I love to learn and being in an unregulated industry I push myself to continue to upskill and learn as much as I can in order to help my human and dog clients. Below I have included my story on how I got where I am today. 

Ever since my rescue girl (PG) came into my life about 6 years ago, my world changed. Previously, I had always been an animal advocate, foster carer, animal lover but never had I experienced such a fearful dog with no trust in humans. I was working in the corporate world, making good money, owned a nice house and car and fostering was my way of giving back. However, when this dog was catapulted into my life, I was her last resort, as she spent the first two weeks of her life with me hiding in the corner of my yard, I realised I couldn't allow her to continue to live in a constant state of fear. She pushed me towards learning more about canine behaviour and learning and I was hooked.  I left the corporate world and decided to work for a shelter running their dog training team, a job that truly was my dream come true. 

Three years ago, after years of fostering, I added another dog to my little family, Chuck Bass, my ever so exuberant, confident and full of life Great Dane cross, who unlike his sister taught me many lessons on training a fast paced and energetic dog. He has matured into a lovely boy who has a very exciting career as a doggy model amongst many things. He did not come without his issues, we struggled through separation anxiety and he lost his confidence after being attacked by other dogs. But we have worked hard as a team and he is my favourite coworker!

My dream, is to give every dog the chance to be understood by their dedicated foster carers and owners and help each dog achieve their very own happily ever after. Every now and again we need to be rescued as humans and dogs, and that is where I can help. 

Photo: Hairypants Photography

In home private training consults


I offer in home private training consultations for you and your dog/s. In a consult you can expect help with any behavioural or training issue you are expecting. Initial consultations are for 1 hour and include a written training plan emailed to you with information and resources, as well as free email follow up advice. My private consults start at $90 depending on location and follow up sessions start at $70. 

I aim to help the humans understand why these behaviours happen and how to best address them and give you the tools to implement training plans at home. 

Drop in training and enrichment sessions


Working long hours and worried you do not have the time to be able to implement a training plan? Want someone else to do the training for you? I can arrange in home visits to your dog/s whilst you are at work to break up their day to do the training for you! Included in this service, you will receive videos of our training sessions and complementary food enrichment activity to end their training session. You will come home to a tired, well behaved and happy dog. This service starts at $60 for 45 minutes depending on your location.

Current Price List of Services as at June 2019

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